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has more than 20 years of experience consulting governments, regions, businesses, and institutions on how to more effectively shape their future. The firm uses a unique, integrated system of systems approach to strategic planning and a proprietary visual language.

The metropolitan network is a massive urban area composed of multiple cities and counties that can cross over state and international boundaries. More  MG&A Metropolitan Network
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specializes in long-term “Big Picture” strategies. The firm's focus is on developing outcomes from research, moving beyond results to fix problems and design better futures. More  MG&A


has been involved in a wide variety of strategic projects across a wide variety of urban and environmental systems. This broad experience provides the firm with a unique foundation for understanding the wider system interactions and implications of highly specific and focused projects. This ensures that that highly focused strategic project does not overlook key factors in linked systems that may be external but still have significant impact on future success. More  MG&A