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About MG&A

is a multi-disciplinary strategic planning firm with more than 20 years of experience helping governments, regions, businesses, and institutions to more effectively shape their futures. The firm offers a variety of services with a specialty in transportation and infrastructure strategy. Through extensive work across the US and Canada, has developed a reputation as a leader in facilitating the development of strategic frameworks to more effectively shape the future of businesses and communities.

The firm has developed a proprietary methodology to understand the form, structure, dynamics and relationships that are creating the future of the world, nations, states and metropolitan regions. The company’s extensive research offers a unique, integrated multi system approach to strategic planning -- an approach that is based on broad and comprehensive analysis, resource evaluation and global positioning studies. More  MG&A

has pioneered the development of a “visual language” that illustrates the patterns of linkage forming the global network. The visual language synthesizes a wide variety of data such as demographic trends, market dynamics, traffic flow, infrastructure patterns and major capital investments into diagrams that simplify the complexities of regional dynamics.

By translating complex data into easily interpreted yet detailed maps and graphics, the visual language allows spatial and other relationships to be more readily comprehended. The use of visual language facilitates discussion by making complex information equally visible to all participants and citizens.

Michael Gallis & Associates
has developed the philosophy that a comprehensive and strategic framework, built in a partnership with our clients and communities, must be created before any strategic plan or real estate project can be effective. We believe fragmented and traditional approaches are no longer viable in the 21st century.

Michael Gallis & Associates

has identified four basic principles which underlie every planning and real estate solution:
  1. Data and information are the foundation.
  2. Involving the right combination of public, private and institutional participants is vital.
  3. Effectively communicating to a wide range of audiences democratizes the process.
  4. Project management must be capable of long-term implementation.