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has found that the most effective way to build long-term value in the public, private and institutional sectors is through the creation of a framework that can adapt itself over time to changing conditions and events.

The firm's proprietary frameworks are based on information that provides real data on the client and its performance, both internally and within the global network.

Combining information on clients' specific role in the global and continental networks with an understanding of its competitive resources, allows to develop effective strategies.

A framework provides the connections between leaders and citizens, and information and data within a structured process that can result in a stronger set of initiatives to strengthen the future of our clients in the global economy.


has been involved in a wide variety of strategic projects across a wide variety of urban and environmental systems. This broad experience provides the firm with a unique foundation for understanding the wider system interactions and implications of highly specific and focused projects, and ensures that that a highly focused strategic project does not overlook key factors in linked systems that may be external but still have significant impact on future success.