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has developed an entirely new field of study based on understanding the “global network” (the means of moving people, goods and information around the world) as the foundation of global development patterns. The firm has completed multiple in-depth studies of the development of the global network from the beginning of human settlement, where it is today and where it is anticipated to go in the next 50 years. In addition, has developed a unique and scalable “Visual Language” to describe the patterns, characteristics and trends in development patterns.

The firm has been engaged by a wide variety of clients, including the United States government and the Canadian government, states, metros, airports and port authorities, as well as institutions and private companies. This client base has provided with an understanding of the very different characteristics of policy and investment issues and interests within each sector. The firm has won awards for its work in economic development, transportation and the arts.

started operations in the early 1980s and began to develop its new methodology and techniques for building frameworks, involving the visual language as the foundation for strategic planning. Through the early 1990s the firm focused on strategic planning and design projects requiring a high degree of innovation. In 1996, the firm formed a real estate group aimed at more effectively linking public sector and private sector investments to re-urbanize cities and maximize the utilization of land.

The firm's methodology for approaching economic, infrastructure, institutional urbanization and environmental strategies is comprehensive and multi-modal. works extensively with the public, private and institutional sectors worldwide to affect the development of many areas including infrastructure, economic development, urbanization patterns and institutional development within urban networks.
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