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Regional Frameworks

creates a comprehensive and integrated framework to strengthen the economy of regions. There are four essential components to creating the framework. Each of the four components is complementary and interactive. The first two components generate the information and understanding of the region and its role in the global economy. Part Three focuses on strategy development, and Part Four uses the information produced in the first three parts to strengthen the communications and marketing programs.


The urban and economic form of the region is not found in any atlas. It is not based on the political units, but rather the patterns of urban growth and economic activity that connect the multiple counties and cities across the region into a single continuous and interactive unit. Economic regions are the foundation blocks of the global economy and compete across the world for economic activity. Diagrams such as this are used to visually describe the economic region.


The resources available within each system, such as universities and colleges within the educational system, are spread across the region in different patterns. The resources within each system are distributed in different patterns and must be spatially understood and co-related to the economic activity in that part of the region to maximize their impact on the region's future. The more leaders understand how the patterns and resources across the region are woven together in an interactive pattern, the easier it is for them to support regional programs and initiatives.